(most of which are for 5 years long)

All you have to do is agree to do the work which we will sub-contract to your company.
Simply give us a quote for your work and we will prepare all required paperwork.

We receive offers to do all kinds of work for the government, all over the country, and some of those work we need to subcontract to other companies like yours. This is a nice source of income that your company can rely on for the next 5 years. All we ask is that your company collaborate with ours to prepare a competitive proposal, and for your company to perform the work in a professional manner, on a timely basis, and within the agreed upon budget. If we contacted you already is because we got a jobs in your line of work ready to be done by you in your area.


First, we will email you a “Statement of Work” which describes in great details what needs to be done, and if after reading it, your company express an interest in doing the work, then we go to the next step…

Secondly, we invite you to an orientation meeting at the site where the work is needed so you could hear directly from the government agency how the work is to be done. This will help you determine if your company is fully capable of doing the different tasks required for the job. If after the orientation you are certain that you can do the work in a professional and timely manner, then we proceed to the next step …

Thirdly, your company will sign a mutually acceptable “teaming agreement” with our company which describes the terms and conditions of your role and how you will get paid. Then, your company and ours will jointly prepare and submit a competitive proposal to the government agency. We do all the paperwork. We just need you to give us a discounted quote and a written narrative on how you plan to approach the job. Your company will provide the technical support required for the preparation of the technical and management portion of the proposal.

Contact us at 561-910-4679 (from noon to 6pm) to discuss further — ask for “JP”.

What you should know about “Prevailing Wages”
When the government pays you to do work for them, they require that you pay your workers a higher pay rate that is based on a schedule that they publish. Therefore, when you give a quote, you must then take that into consideration. Some companies create a written agreement with the workers that are used for government jobs, stating that their pay rate will be different for work they do on a government contracts, but for all other work they will get paid their usual amount. Check with your accountant regarding laws on this in your area.



We are seeking companies in your area to collaborate with to do work needed by various government agencies. Many of those work are for 5 years, and if done right, your company will gain a higher priority rating for future work. So it pays for your company to collaborate with ours and work together as a team to do these lucrative contracts.

JP Prieto
Government Contracts Dept



If you are interested in doing lucrative and steady work for the government, please fill out and submit the simple online form below. Time is running out, contact us before we sub-contract the work to another company.

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